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Unify Your Marketing Resources

We offer the full range of online and offline marketing techniques to produce truly unique multi touch marketing campaigns.
Working together, we’ll create, manage and analyse personalised marketing campaigns that really engage your customer.


Delivering an intelligent, strategic cross media campaign that ensures you get the correct messages to the right customers, achieving the results you need.

Campaign Management

From design all the way through to delivery, we can manage your entire marketing campaign – we can create it, personalise it, print it, automate it and track it.

Data Control

Cleanse & update existing data whilst collecting new leads. Observe your campaign “live” through your dashboard and compile accurate campaign reports.

In a Nutshell

Haven’t got time to read all the blurb or take the tour? The image here shows everything we offer.

Campaigns are tailored to suite your own requirements. We work to your brief to create a campaign using some or all of these elements to ensure you get the results you need.

  • Direct Mail

    Using personalisation and variable data in posted literature, you can target your customers intelligently and personally.

  • Mobile Media

    From customer surveys to complex data-driven applications, we can do it via mobile media.  Our Mobile Dashboard App allows real-time campaign monitoring.

  • QR Codes

    Introduce QR codes to direct mail and printed pieces for seamless media connectivity.

  • PURLs / Microsites

    Unique personalised pages for each customer. Gain vital up-to-date information and build loyalty.

  • Email Marketing

    See your response rates rise with personalised imagery and text; customised with content that means more to each customer.

  • Data Capture

    With every e-shot that is opened, every QR code that is scanned, whether by existing customers or new propositions, we can capture every snippet of data.

  • Print Media

    A significant part of any major marketing campaign, whether for an event, product launch or promotion is the print.  We can provide the solution for you.  And what’s more, we can do this in-house, no hidden fees or delays to your campaign.

  • Real Time Reporting

    Perhaps the most vital element of Cascade Cross Media is the real-time campaign tracking via a live and fully customisable dashboard and in-depth reports that you will have full access to. You have the ability to track e-shot receivers, unsubscribers, openers, bounces and links real-time, and have the opportunity to react accordingly.